Monday, November 24, 2014

How to search for a all four dental implants surgeon

Finding a Dental Implant Surgeon can be confusing, so many choices! If you don't have a reference from another professional or doctor- you will not know where to go. You will need to find a surgeon with many on hands surgeal hours and a have continual years of professional services. Doing a search for 'all four dental implants' - has too many results. Where do you start

Many surgeons can get a 'certification' after only a few hours of training experience. Be sure the surgeon is certified and has over 10,000 hours - after all, they will be conducting a surgery on you. Other criteria is that the surgeon has consecutive year of practice.

Another criteria is - what is the success rate and what are the patients saying? Does the dentist or oral surgeon have a website - does it look up to-date and is there a testimonial page. I always look for before and after pictures. It really says a lot in the the work of the oral surgeon. Take a look at the before and after photos at Austin Dental Implants - there are alot of images of real people - real results. 

Another criteria is the consultation free or will they charge. Consultations are deal breakers! If the Doctor will charge - why even make an appointment if you are just shopping around. Consultations should be for free and it's when you will know if the Surgeon will work for you. After all you have to be comfortable with the Dentist.